Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So many options...

First week back to NYC and I'm hitting the ground running...

For our Patternmaking class over break, we were supposed to check out and sketch 12 jackets.  Here were four of my favorites:

Marching band jacket from my buddy Stu Nizny at Pixel 19 Vintage 


Looks like we're going to be focusing on jackets this semester...  quite a lot of ways they can be modified:

I'm becoming pretty active at my internship with Arbitrage also.  I'm pretty happy with how my writing ability is developing.  Check out some of the recent posts I've written:  Since they're a young company, I'm not getting pigeonholed doing menial tasks and am able to get my hands dirty in a lot of aspects of things, NOT just design, which is exactly what I want.  Tomorrow night, Dallas Cowboys safety Ken Hamlin in coming through to look at some of their stuff.

I've never heard of him, though I haven't had T.V. for 5 years and don't even watch football so that doesn't mean anything.  A quick hop over to Wikipedia shows me though that he's one of the Dallas Cowboy's defensive team captains.  Can't wait to meet the guy.  I'm pretty sure we won't have the same body type though haha...

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  1. i love the pattern and look of the hugo boss and marching band jackets.