Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rock the Runway

Last Saturday, I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to show a few outfits in an event in Cincinnati over my break called Rock the Runway.  My girl Rachel was really excited to audition to be one of the models for the show.  No surprise to me, they wanted her to be one of the models.  I mean, God, look at this girl:


Anyway, not too long afterward, during the Saturday of the F.I.T. vs. Parsons show, she called me and asked if I'd be interested in showing some pieces.  After having a minor crisis over having enough time, I said screw it and told her I'd get in touch with the person in charge of the event, Michelle Marx, who is also a make-up artist.

Long story short, I pulled it together and teamed up with the place I'm interning at, Arbitrage, and I did half the stuff and they contributed the other half.  It was a great checkpoint for Cincinnati Fashion Week, which is in less than three weeks!!

I got to go through the experience of fitting and coaching my models, which was super valuable for me as a designer.

Rock the Runway was siiiick...  So much fun.  All the models were pent upstairs until the runway show started.  However, I was able to flit back and forth, eat all their fried chicken, Vitamin water and broccoli and still get beers downstairs at the bar haha.

When the show started, I was more nervous as a designer than as a model.

Afterwards, I sent out Rachel to get email addresses from some guys so I could try to parlay the excitement into sales instead of just an ego shot in the arm for me or something.  Promoting a product or service or damn near anything but immediate alcohol consumption at an event is very challenging.  I'm definitely still green in this area.

I tried to get feedback from some of the models on the clothes.  Unfortunately, there was no negative feedback to improve on but Matt, the guy wearing the Casino themed shirt, said the fit, which I developed, fit excellent.  Very good.

All in all though, a great time.

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  1. The purple shirt with tie was beautiful, a color I never would have thought could look so good on a man.