Monday, May 3, 2010

E'LON Couture Magazine


Earlier today, someone told me that the clothes we showed in Cincy Fashion Week were mentioned in the publication E'LON Couture Magazine, known as "The magazine for proud, thoughtful Black women."  They described our clothes as having "a fun, youthful and somewhat 'bad boy' feel."

And, according to their media/advertising kit, with circulation of approximately 250,000 around the country, I ain't complainin'...

Proud, thoughtful women probably have proud, thoughtful men in their lives, which is EXACTLY our market.  Printed on our hang tags is "Ambition.  Audacity.  Accomplishment."  I'm glad we resonate with the right bunch.

Oh, I can't forget that according to Fara Warner, author of the book The Power of the Purse, "Women make 80 percent of all buying decisions" and "control $7 trillion in purchasing power."  So I'm glad the women at E'LON liked our stuff!

Click the picture below to get a closer look:

P.S. Thanks to (from the top) Adam Montrose, Tim Thornton and Jeremy Harig for looking making these outfits look like a million bucks!

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