Thursday, October 14, 2010 be live ya'llll!!@!

Look at this face:

In the past 2 days, this face has hit a pillow for two hours.  Two accidental hours of sleep from 8 am - 10 am Tuesday and no sleep last night.  It was a combo of completing my FIT vs. Parsons Fusion Fashion Show application to an insane degree of maniacal perfection and launching my website,

To be straight up honest, related to Fusion, if I get passed over this year, then I'll just shrug my shoulders and be like, "Whatev."  Worst case scenario, I put together a fantastic, clean, innovative 5-outfit collection I can take on interviews with me now that forced me to figure out how to suggest folding in fabrics and gave me the sense of urgency to finish my website, after over a year of "Coming Soon."

I spent a good amount of time sketching on receipts at Lacoste, thumbing through dozens of seasonal designer look books in our library from the past 15 years and tightening up my drawing skills.  One of my 101 goals is to be able to sketch a figure without reference material on a napkin and be proud of it.  I'm not there yet but I'm getting there.

Anyway, I'm really not wanting to type much so I'll let my work do the talking:

Again, my time was also chunked off to completing my website...  I'm soo happy this is finished.  Updating it now is a breeze so I'm pretty happy about closing what was once a year-long open loop.  Oh yeah, and did I mention it looks pretty bangin' too?  I looked through it and was like "Yo, this guy's pretty good." haha

I brought back old work that I had that really showcased my aesthetic eye and design sensibilities...  It made me really miss learning about design in general and concepts of harmony from my time I spent at DAAP.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm way, way happy here, but it also made me really grateful I'd gone through an actual YEAR of design foundations, not just some boo-foo class first semester called Basic Design.  We learned about complimentary colors and saw miserable artist's work in Chelsea selling for $2 million+...

 ... and with website bios that start out like this:

"_____________ has often been regarded as a playboy of the art world. He has had lascivious relationships, and he has run among strange and crazy artistic circles."

I find an artist that charges that kind of money for this kind of work more offensive than any sacrilegious or irreverant sculpture or instillation, especially when I know that there are a handful of people in the world who pay that for these.  But it's their money and they can do with it whatever they please (though I feel like people who inherit money blow it on this stuff, not people who have earned it themselves... but  that's just my perspective right now).

Now, how in God's name did I end up on that topic?  I need food and sleep!

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