Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make a Negative a Positive

Natural fibers shrink. Sucks. Unless you use it in your favor... 

I went to Kenneth Cole last week and found a white linen sweater on sale from $80 down to $15. Why?? Because it was an XXL. 

Just washed it in like 211 degree water and not only does it fit PERFECTLY now with extra long sleeves and a non-gaping cuff like it originally had, the fabric is now more dense with means more durability!

All natural fibers that aren't pre-shrunk, shrink when they're washed in hot water.  Mills that make fabrics like boiled wool use this to their advantage and intentionally shrink the fabric resulting in a denser, warmer cloth.

It should be featured on the garment if it is PRE-SHRUNK.  If it's not, it isn't.  So if you try to buy something that's 80% off too because it's some mammoth size and it IS pre-shrunk, nothing will hapen to the size and you'll look like you just stepped off of the Dior Homme AW09 runway last season, which I guess some people consider cool.

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