Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly "Shopping" Trip

So this week has been OBSCENELY busy with me staying until 2 AM in our sewing studio multiple times.  Thursday was not good to do field research.  I did learn how to knit though.  Not well, but I’m learning.

On my way over the Apple store on 14th Ave. Friday night, I decided I was going to sneak in my weekly trip or at least a mini version of it.  It’s become a weekly habit and I’ve been learning a massive amount from it and make it a high priority.

Thank God I went to somewhere besides 5th Ave.  The neighborhood was seeming like I’d covered all the spots I wanted.  Two sweet places I breezed through tonight were Moschino and Hugo Boss

Moschino had a few fantastic items.  Some of their blazers that had printed images all over it reminded me of Comme de Garçons stuff, which I hate.  But Moschino was more “conservative” so more reasonable for my aesthetic.  

They had interesting details on their shirts and none of their dress shirts had interfacing (the material that is put in collars and cuffs most of the time that stiffens it and makes them hold shape more).  I liked it (or lack of it really) for their stuff.  All their dress shirts were basically transparent too.  Not good or bad, it just is what it is…

Hugo Boss was GREAT.  I loved their floor.  As I’m learning, most stores have their ONE retarded expensive item that grabs attention.  Dolce & Gabbana last week had their $48,000 croc bag; Tom Ford had a $20,000+ snorkel jacket with fur trim (JUST trim!).  Hugo Boss only had a knee length jacket with sheared mink lining and a technical fiber outside had retailed for around $6,000.  Pffff… weeeeak (totally kidding btw).

Since I picked up knitting needles the other day for the first time and also visited the knitting lab at FIT Monday, I wanted to look at some of their sweaters.  I liked them J  I teased my sales lady Alex about it being hand-knit by little Taiwanese children.

In our Menswear Club knitting session we put on Thursday afternoon, I learned knitting started with Nordic fisherman.  I can really see that origin in the shawl collar one.  It reminds me of a fishing net.

I ended up talking to her for a while and found out she studied journalism.  She gave me a pretty high-up contact at NY Daily News to work with to get press coverage for the two $50 subway tickets from the NYPD I got cited with the last two nights for taking up more than one seat at between 2-3 am.  I won’t get into it on here much but it’s insane and I’m not letting them get away with it.

Actually, I also met a girl on the subway today, Shea Jenkins, who was kind enough to take a pic of me sitting as I was for my ticket last night.

Coincidentally, like myself, she also has a fashion blog and is trained in PR.  She has a really sweet blog that focuses on women's wear.  Ford Models is one of her followers on Twitter so you know she’s got some good stuff to share.  Check her out!

And that all for tonight!  Bedtime so I can kill myself more this weekend and EARN my upcoming Thanksgiving in Cincinnati!!!

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