Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun Stuff...

New Year’s Eve was last night and I had a kick-ass time in Cincinnati!  It was pretty cool to see the ball drop in Time's Square and be able to imagine all the stuff around it at Broadway and 45th.

Earlier in the day, I found a pair of cowboy boots at a thrift shop.  These were Tony Lama iguana skin boots that were in almost new condition.  Here’s a similar pair brand new.  They were size 8, which was way too snug for me.  Luckily, I was already shopping with my girlfriend and they were a perfect fit for her.  I scored them for $25!  I was so excited about them, I went and bought some cordovan shoe polish to give them a little different of a finish, polished the hecky-heck out of them and threw in some gel insoles.  My goal is to make them her favorite pair of shoes.

Reflecting on this, that’s my ULTIMATE goal for any piece of apparel I make for someone. 

The reason we were there in the first place was to shop for a few complimentary pieces for the Serket Jewelry photoshoot on Saturday.  The theme is Vampire Wedding.  There are going to be two other female models and Steve Maisch is going to be the photographer.  Extremely talented dude.

Stay tuned for the shots...

I’m looking forward to a healthy, fun and productive 2010!  I’m also looking forward to the pepperoni pizza and Coke I’m about to devour (I guess "healthy" might have to wait until tomorrow)!


  1. I love those boots! I was looking at Frye boots but they're way too expensive. I think I'll start shopping and going to thrift stores for some things. Good luck on your vampire photo shoot! Definitely blog about =)

  2. Yeah, if you're gonna buy cowboy boots, go with a company that SPECIALIZES in that, not a fashion shoe company. Stick with Tony Lama, Lucchese and Dan Post.

    Ebay is better than the Hail-Mary of going to a thrift shop and hoping they have a cool pair you like and in your size. For what you would pay for a new pair of boots, you could get a pair of ostrich, croc or even elephant leather for the same price used.

    And besides, buying them used is like buying a used baseball mitt... they're better that way ;)