Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interview with Amy Scalia of Cincy Chic

Yesterday, I met with the 27-year-old pint-sized powerhouse, Amy Scalia, editor-in-chief of Cincy Chic.

For the past three years, she’s been the founder and owner of Cincy Chic, an online-only publication geared towards the professional woman aged mid-20s to late-50s that deals with all things beauty, fashion and style-related in the Cincinnati, OH area.  If you’re not in the know, it’s a SUPER resource to those interested in projecting the best image as a woman that you can.  Check them out now at

I had a fantastic time chatting and learning from the wealth of knowledge she provided.  Here’s some of the things we talked about:
  • How she launched her online media business to 20,000+ unique visitors per month
  • Why being highly skilled in your field is NOT enough to run a successful company
  • Her take on what style is…
  • Why some trends are successful and others fall flat
  • Being stylish on a budget
  • Fashion resources you might not know about
  • How to stand out from the herd to get media coverage
  • What it’s REALLY like to be a business owner…
  • Advice about when is the best time to start your company 
So grab a cup of coffee and start your day with THIS instead of the news!  Here's a link to our 23-minute interview:

Below are the resources we mentioned: 
So what did YOU think of this interview?


  1. Hi! Thanks for the link to this interview! Kudos to Amy for pronouncing my name correctly! (It doesn't happen often.) I am absolutely going to checkout the city-wide boutique sale.

  2. haha omg this is greattttt! nice job interviewing her too