Monday, June 14, 2010

Cincy Chic | Men's Issue

Check out Cincy Chic's Men's Issue Feature!  I'm one of the three guys featured!

People define a city, and these three Queen City fellows definitely are giving Cincinnati a positive definition. From fashion to social life to beauty and health, these men make it their job to lead the Tri-State toward a fantastic future.

Once a year, Cincy Chic sets aside an issue for men. They might try our patience sometimes and, the next minute, show us why we should love them so much, but the roller coaster with the men in our lives is worth the thrill.

The Queen City herself is a passenger on that thrill ride with us, ladies, as she experiences some men who show her how to have fun. As Cincy Chic focuses on career, social life, fashion, health and beauty, this week we show three men who use their careers to advance our city in the other departments.   These are their stories...

Here's a teaser:

Fashion Designer Josh Stevens

When Cincinnati native Josh Stevens was in kindergarten, he asked his mom for a silk shirt. And when she couldn't find his request in the kids' department, Stevens went looking for an extra small in the men's department. (Over-sized shirts were in back then, though, right?) So from the time he was a little boy, Stevens knew that fashion fit him beyond the measurements and style of a garment. It fit him for a career...

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