Friday, June 18, 2010

Richard Haines Exhibit @ John Bartlett NY

Last night I went to see my Illustration teacher's exhibit that just happened to be hosted at one of my favorite menswear designer's shop.

It was soooo packed, but that was partly because the space was small haha...  I bopped around with a glass of champagne for a little while and checked out the drawings, and, at the same time looked at John Bartlett's clothes in the store.  Super sweet stuff, by the way.  Oh, and there were a lot of things where the price was totally reasonable... but I digress.

Professor Haines (Richard still sounds foreign to me) has an interesting drawing style.  It's pretty much just, BAM, here's a line and that flows into this and that curves like this and that's it.  No sketching, a lot of hard, definite lines.  Very basic looking but all the proportions are usually spot on.  Dare I say elegant?  Might be stretching it, but they do have a charm to them.  Makes me think of an insanely talented artistic prodigy... but when he was a crayon-clenching kindergartner. 

It was cool to see my teacher outside of the school setting and actually be able to just chat and catch up.  Even though I mostly observed the whole time, as everyone there seemed to be paired off and already knew each other, I had a really good time!


  1. when's the next update?!

  2. ha! nice post. i was holding my breath-wasn't sure what you were going to say.
    hope you're having a good summer.